Painting Commissions
Need a painting for your house, loft or office? Looking for a painting that will match the color palette perfectly? Tired of swinging by IKEA and seeing those same old decorative maps of New York or Audrey Hepburn posters?

Have your own original work of art created just for you and your environment! Based in Kansas City, Featherstone Designs will work with you to supplement your existing color palette, and work with the mood and environment that you’re wanting to supplement.

Custom built stretchers are built using high quality wood that can be built up to 8′ in length. Canvas and wood can both used as the painting surface, depending on the size and environment the commission is painted.

Prices are based on size, and Featherstone Designs is willing to work with you to make your commission the great addition to your space that you deserve!



I love one of your paintings, but it’s not the size I want, can you paint a new one for me?
—- While I can’t recreate a painting fully, I can use the same palette and brushstrokes and re-create a similar experience at any size.

What do I do if I want a commission?
—- The best thing is to email me. We can discuss specifics, sizes, colors, etc. and I can send you a few samples and mock ups. I can also work with an existing color scheme for a room as well. After we figure out the size, colors, and theme, you will then approve the proposal. A 50% deposit is required, then the remainder is due at the completion of the work.

I really love your work, but I don’t like the final result, am I totally screwed?
—- No. There are some options about adjusting colors to a finished piece, and minor changes can be reworked if necessary. IF you do not like the finished commission, you will receive half of your deposit back upon the return of the painting to me.

How long does it take?
A proposal will be worked on within 2 weeks, and then the painting will take 2-4 weeks on top of that. Rush arrangements can be made.


email Roy Featherstone at